Mentorship Program

After popular demand, the Mentorship Program is back accepting new applications! The Mentorship Program is an amazing initiative that pairs new business students with current business students so that they can share their experiences and build meaningful connections. New students will be teamed with senior student mentors for the upcoming school year. The program is a great way to receive helpful tips for classes, learn about the best social outings, or even some tips for that BUS 201 plan coming right up!

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In pairing a student and corporate for a lunch outing, TASTE provides students with an opportunity to meet successful industry professionals in a casual setting. This allows them to ask questions they may not get a chance to in the hectic environment of a traditional networking event!

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Our Values


With engaging case competitions, memorable events, FREE FOOD the first Wednesday of every month, the BSA is here to ensure that your BComm. pursuit is an unforgettable experience. But most importantly, we’re here to serve your best interests by always acting with transparency and integrity.


As a faculty association for the Alberta School of Business, the BSA continuously strives to be adaptive to our surroundings. We stay fully energetic whenever we are facilitating our services or running any of our events, and we are always challenging norms in almost everything we do.



Whether you’d like to discuss something with our team members, or simply drop by to come say “hi”, our office door is kept wide open to you from 11am to 2pm, Monday through Friday. We’re always open to any suggestions you may have, and if you see any of us around campus, don’t hesitate to stop us for a quick chat!