Our Values


Engaging competitions, captivating events, and invaluable services – the BSA is here to serve and advocate on your behalf to ensure you have a worthwhile and unforgettable BComm. Experience.


As the Faculty Association for the Alberta School of Business, the BSA continuously strives to adapt our surroundings. We stay fully devoted, energetic, and progressive in our procedures for the betterment of undergraduate business students.


We are here for you and are always open to your ideas, thoughts, and suggestions. You can attend our bi-weekly council meetings, stop-by during our office hours, or have a chat with one of our council members – do not hesitate, your voice shall be heard!

Our Story

Established in 1966, the Business Students’ Association (BSA) is the Faculty Association for the Alberta School of Business.

We represent 2,000+ undergraduate Bachelor of Commerce students to the Students’ Union, fellow business schools, and the corporate community.

We fully believe much of the BComm experience lies beyond the classroom.

We are here to enrich the university experience of all undergraduate business students.

Our Mission

Our Mission