BSA Executive Elections 2018/2019


Here they are – the candidates for the BSA Executive team for the the 2018/2019 year. Each are passionate and determined to implement amazing ideas over the next year to further our mission to Alberta School of Business undergraduate students!

Voting will be open from February 15-16

Check your inbox for your voting link or come see us at the BSA Office to vote



Hello! My name is Michael and I am running to be your next BSA President! My goals are to increase the transparency of the BSA through accessibility to information, advocate for both students and clubs, and focus on enhancing student wellness and mental health.

Did you know that you can attend any BSA full council meeting? View our budget upon request? That information is available on our constitution, but to be accessible goes beyond that. Accessibility requires our current transparency initiatives to be both available and marketed as such. This provides students with information on their entitlements as members of our Faculty Association while giving clubs knowledge on issues and opportunities that may affect them.

I have been lucky to serve as the BSA’s Finance Director, which has allowed me to witness the entire scope of the BSA’s offerings, the value that can be delivered to students, as well as the areas that have been inadequate. Our investment in student wellness and mental health can be strengthened and there are resources, like the SAF Fund, to revise this. I would be honoured to represent you as President and encourage you to come vote on February 15 & 16.




I am Evan Ferguson. I am asking for your support. Running for Vice President Academic, my platform is based on A-A-A: Advocate, Access and Advance, designed to make the BSA more valuable and relevant to students.

Advocate. Advocating for student interests is a primary pillar of the VP Academic, which needs to be relevant to all students. By improving advocacy, I aim to represent those unrepresented majors, international, and bilingual students. I also plan to focus on two key issues: credit limits preventing students from completing their desired degrees; and inconsistent approaches to student health by combining the efforts of the Advocacy and Student Wellness Directors.

Access. Students interested in academic programs and opportunities often have no way of gathering information without contacting the program coordinator. I plan to create Program-Ambassadorship representatives, such that students who approach the BSA have the desired resources accessible to them.

Advance. Advancing student opportunities and networks beyond the ASoB is still underdeveloped and highly desired. Working with the Edmonton business communities (EO/YPO, EEDC, DBA, Chamber, etc.) I will provide a wider variety of external student opportunities allowing students to actively engage, volunteer and connect with possible employers.

Thank you for your consideration.

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Hey everyone! This past year I was a part of the BSA External Portfolio as a Corporate Relations Director. I am using the valuable experience and knowledge I have gained to run for incoming VP External. My platform consists of three key components; accountability, integration, and coherence. In regards to accountability; I will be reliable, consistent, and dedicated to all BSA-related matters. You can hold me liable for the promises I make, the tasks I am assigned, and any answers I give you. As for my second platform, I aspire to integrate different majors and industries for corporate events. I plan to achieve this by increasing the diversification of our sponsors and collaborating with other clubs. Lastly, I am running on coherence. To deliver you the best experience, the BSA team must work together, share similar values, and work towards the BSA vision. Personally, I assure you the daily business of the external portfolio will be cohering with BSA values and contributing to a common vision. Vote for me on February 15 & 16! If you ever spot me in these busy hallways, feel free to come chat, offer opinions, or ask questions!




My name is Mayank and I am a second year MIS major, completing a certificate in Interdisciplinary Leadership Studies and in Real Estate. Currently, I serve on the BSA as the Cohort Director and would like to continue my efforts as the Vice President Internal.

Last year I joined the BSA with the vision of increasing student involvement by encouraging all students to get involved and make a change. This includes encouraging students – like myself – who wanted to get involved but felt that they did not have a voice. As VP Internal, I plan to continue this campaign by continuing this work and bring more change to the Internal portfolio and BSA.

This change includes developing the voice of the international community by making the role of the International Advocacy Director more prominent and increasing the input from the international community to create services. I would also like to increase wellness initiatives by increasing the availability of events and resources the BSA and Student Wellness Director can provide. Bringing this all together, I believe collaboration within the BSA, the Internal portfolio, and between all clubs is of utmost importance as it allows all factions to reach their best potential in terms of events, services, and advocacy.




My name is Renée Yu and I am running to be your VP Events! Currently, I am the Engagement Director and I had the opportunity to organize Ignite and Graduation. With my love for Excel sheets and passion for event organizing, I am running on the following platform:


This year, many BSA events lacked turnout, which resulted from an unfamiliarity of event details or disinterest. By enforcing effective communication between BSA Council members and the student body through internal education of events, I will improve the lack of engagement through classroom talks. Integrating platforms that connect all students in each year of business fosters an environment of accountability with suggestion surveys and promotes inclusion by connecting with less involved students. In targeting disinterest, a loyalty program will be implemented to encourage involvement at BSA events with the incentives of prizes.


By advocating for events at a subsidized cost, students can benefit from events that can assist them in their personal development. Partnering with campus organizations for charity events can help students develop new skills and understand the value of social entrepreneurship. Collaboration with the 27-business clubs is necessary to guarantee greater quality, turnout and value at events.




There are a lot of elements that go into being a successful VP Marketing, and while I intend on maintaining the high standards already set in place, my platform focuses on the improvement of two key values; accessibility and consistency.

Accessibility focuses on the ease of which a business student can learn about, and access the value that is available to them in the ASoB. This is not limited to BSA events and services, but can extend to a larger reach with the Business Clubs Council and what each unique club provides. I intend on developing the promotion of everything students have access to by continuing the revitalization of our monthly newsletter, which consolidates both BSA and club events/services into one concise place.

Consistency entails both the internal operations of the creation of marketing campaigns and projects, as well as timely delivery to the students. I want to establish a more consistent process for the development of promotional materials that ensures the majority of deliverables are created over the summer. This will guarantee that no campaign throughout the year will be hindered by a lack of materials, and ensure that promotion can start at the optimal time or earlier.



If you have ANY questions regarding elections, contact our Faculty Association Deputy Returning Officer (FADRO) Tom Alton at email hidden; JavaScript is required!

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