Savour the Savings


Discount cards? Nearly every faculty has them! Business is no exception. Designed to make your undergrad experience easier on your bank account, the BSA discount card has discounts from locations on and around campus.


Where can I get them?

At any point throughout the academic year, stop-by the BSA Office during our office hours to pick up your card! Office hours are from 11:00AM to 2:00PM, Monday to Friday. They will also be distributed through Cohort Representatives to first year classes.

Where else can I get discounts?


Some of our card partners include Cookies by George on campus, Menchies on 109th, and both Pint locations in Edmonton! Whether you are grabbing a bite to eat, shopping for a book, or going out with your friends, make sure to have a BSA discount card with you for a more affordable experience.

Nachos Anyone?


Want free nachos at Dewey’s? All you need is six friends with U of A discount cards from ANY faculty. Show the server you have 6 Discount Cards and BANG! Free nachos!

Any Questions?

Feel free to reach out to Brendan Cornish at email hidden; JavaScript is required.