Locker Rentals

Purchasing a locker is a great way to organize your things and prevents you from having to drag around a heavy backpack all year! If you are looking to get a locker in or around the Alberta School of Business, you can rent one through the BSA.

How Much?

The cost of a locker is dependent on its location for the fall 2018/winter 2019 semesters.


$35/semester or $55/academic year



$35/semester or $55/academic year



$20/semester or $35/academic year



$35/semester or $55/academic year



NOTE: These are the 2018/2019 prices.

What happens if I use a locker and don’t pay?

Unfortunately, this is disallowed as you are taking up the space that another student has paid for. Lockers are regularly monitored by the BSA. Those occupying lockers without paying will have a notice to evacuate placed on their locker. If not evacuated, the BSA will cut off the lock and hold the contents at the BSA Office for 4 days. After 4 days, the BSA will either donate or discard the contents.

Click here to view the locker terms and conditions. Note that we will hold onto goods for 4 days following any lock removals.

Interested in a Locker?

For inquiries, come visit us during our office hours or feel free to contact Abby Bruyer at email hidden; JavaScript is required.