It's a Match!

For new business students, the Mentorship Program is an excellent way to build connections, and learn how to navigate your BCom experience from current business students. Mentors have diverse experiences and advice they are willing to share so new business students can succeed and flourish!


In the Mentorship Program, first year business students (mentees) are paired with current business students. Mentees and mentors have one on one meetings at least once a month over the academic year. Mentors are in their second or higher-year of business studies and have plenty of experiences and advice worth sharing. Hints for BUS 201, recommended classes, worthwhile social outings – anything and everything is up for discussion!




Fill out a form to be matched with an upper year student with your major! Matches will be tailored to your common goals and interests, keeping in mind what you want out of your school of business experience.


You will be notified by email who your mentor is, and have the opportunity to set up a meeting!


Whether it be going for a coffee or just hanging out, you’ll have a chance to access your mentor’s wealth of knowledge. Have any questions about life inside or outside of ASoB? Your mentor will be there for you to guide you through the ups and downs of the school year.

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Becoming a Mentee?

For mentees, mentorship from an senior-peer is a great opportunity to learn more about student life in the School of Business – from the perspective of a person who has done it all before! From academics to extracurriculars, and social outings to career planning; mentors provide mentees valuable advice and an open ear!