Recharge & Unwind




The BSA now offers Charger Rentals & Sport Equipment Rentals in order to make life easier for you! Need more information? Check it out below.





Long day at school? Phone about to die? It is a problem common to many of us. Rather than sitting at a charging station for a half-hour or longer, come rent a charger from the BSA Office for a day!

Come to the BSA Office during office hours to pick up a charger in exchange for your OneCard as collateral. Available are:

Lightening Phone Charger

Mini USB Phone Charger

Apple 30 Pin Phone Charger

Wall Adapter

Micro USB Phone Charger

USB-C 45W Laptop Adapter

Body Break

We all get the urge to toss a frisbee around or kick a soccer ball in quad but, no one likes bringing sports equipment back and forth from home to school. Why not get your equipment at the BSA Office instead?

Recently, the BSA has launched sport rentals! By exchanging your OneCard as collateral, you can sign-out sports equipment at your leisure. 

Have Questions?

Reach out to Mya Dunn at email hidden; JavaScript is required or Evan Ferguson at email hidden; JavaScript is required for any inquiries you may have.