The Presidential Portfolio oversees operations and governance of the BSA, and maintains contact with the stakeholders at the Alberta School of Business. Click the team image for more information.


The Academic portfolio encompasses a core set of events that provide students within the Alberta School of Business and beyond! They organize events such as Energize and AICC, and also facilitate student services such as the BSA book sale and locker rentals. Click the image for more information.


The Internal portfolio is here to promote the business student life outside of the classroom, and demonstrate that there is something more riveting than a textbook and powerpoint slides. Beyond some of the events that the Internal portfolio plans, they’re also all ears to what you really want out of your BCom degree! Click on the image for more information.



The Events Portfolio strives to create unique and fun events that give students the opportunity to connect with their peers and corporates. Throughout this year, the Events Portfolio offers students the chance to network and bond through events such as Ignite, the annual Winter Gala, and Year End Banquet! Click on the image for more information.


From posters to Facebook statuses, the Marketing portfolio is responsible for designing and implementing all marketing campaigns and projects for all BSA events, services and internal/external faculty relations. The team also maintains the website, the BSA board on the second floor, and all the social media outlets. Click on the image for more information.


The Finance Portfolio ensures that there is money in the bank! In reality, they do much more than crunch the numbers and count the cash. Most importantly, they ensure that we can continue paving the way for students to explore new opportunities and expand their horizons. (Hint: check out the SAF Fund).

Cohort Reps

Cohort Representatives are a team of eight-first year business students chosen to represent their respective cohort. As part of the Internal Portfolio, they strive to engage with and inform their fellow first year business students of the meaningful experiences available beyond the classroom. Click on the image for more information.