The finance portfolio mainly focuses on the communication of the budget, and efficient cash flow management. This year, the portfolio plans to increase the engagement and utilization of the Student Activity Fund (SAF).

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The Finance Portfolio ensures that there is money in the bank (woo!). In reality, they do much more than crunch the numbers and count the cash. Most importantly, they ensure that we can continue paving the way for students to explore new opportunities and expand their horizons. (hint: check out the SAF Fund)!


Todd Kavanagh

Todd Kavanagh

VP Finance

Hi everyone!

My name is Todd and I will be the VP Finance on the BSA this upcoming year. A little bit about myself: I am a total movie fanatic (especially Lord of the Rings), and I love playing sports. If you can’t find me in the office, I’m probably outside on campus tossing the disc around! I also love new experiences and meeting new people!

As VP finance, my role includes leading the creation of the annual operating budget, as well as overseeing sales for the year. The Finance Portfolio does more than just numbers, though! We also play a large support role for other portfolios thoughout the year. Getting involved in the Alberta School of Business was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made, and I hope to see a lot of new faces at events who are looking forward to an outstanding year!

Matthew Encarnacao

Matthew Encarnacao

Finance Director

My responsibility is to create the operating budget for BSA events and initiatives. I enjoy binging Netflix, playing hockey, meeting new people and listening to good tunes. #financeboys

Richard De Zilva

Richard De Zilva

Sales Director

Hi, this year I am organizing locker sales, book sales and the merchandise sales. I love reading mystery novels, hanging out with friends and watching TV shows. Also huge fan of Sherlock! #financeboys


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