The Internal portfolio is here to promote the business student life outside of the classroom, and demonstrate that there is something more riveting than a textbook and powerpoint slides. Beyond some of the events that the Internal portfolio plans, they’re also all ears to what you really want out of your BCom degree!

Rachelle Gilbert

VP Internal - email hidden; JavaScript is required

Accounting Major and Political Science Minor. 3rd year student, 2nd year business. VP Internal of BSA. Love taking spin classes at YEG Cycle and working there. Vancouver Canucks fan. Love growing different kinds of plants – I approx. 18 in my tiny suite and have a bamboo plant that is taller than me.

Mikayla Cullum

Mikayla Cullum

Cohort Director

I am currently enrolled as a Co-op Human Resources student and am going into my third year of school. As a part of the Internal Portfolio I am the Cohort Director.  I am really excited to take part in even more extra-curricular activities and get even more involved in business.

Jennifer Tomski

Jennifer Tomski

International Advocacy Director

Hi, I’m Jen! I’m a third year Finance major acting as the International Advocacy Director on the BSA for the 2019/2020 year. I hope to inspire international students to get out of their comfort zone and experience everything that not only the UofA has to offer, but also Edmonton! 

 I’m personally very interested in learning language and culture (I can speak some Chinese!) and making videos for social media (yes, you can find them on youtube if you want to spend your time procrastinating that way). Going out to eat is one of my favourite things to do so if you ever need a recommendation on places to go, feel free to ask! 

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or would like to have a friend to have coffee/study with!

Julia Currie

Julia Currie

Student Wellness Director

Hey! My name is Julia and I’m currently majoring in Business Law and Economics as well as minoring in Political Science. This is my fourth and final year of my business undergrad and I plan on continuing my studies next year in law school! Acting as the BSA’s Director of Wellness, I’m here to help all business students navigate the school year successfully while minimizing the amount of stress students face. Whether it’s through an exam care package, a dog therapy cuddle sesh or a free treat to help with the Monday blues, I’m here to help! Outside of studying, you can catch me making latte art at Starbucks or trying to teach my dog to fetch for the 500th time down at Terwillegar dog park.