The Presidential Portfolio oversees operations and governance of the BSA, and maintains contact with the stakeholders at the Alberta School of Business.

Michael Mytrunec

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My name is Michael, and I am humbled and thrilled to be your BSA President for the 2018-2019 year.  My role involves the high-level strategic planning for the BSA, managing our relationships with the 27 clubs in the School of Business, and ensuring that the BSA is consistently working towards improving the ASoB experience, both inside the classroom and out.

As a Faculty Association, the BSA exists as your voice to the Faculty of Business, Students’ Union, and other Business schools across Canada. Every undergraduate business student is a BSA member, meaning that you have the right to attend our meetings, vote (and run) in our executive elections, and access the Student Activity Fund. Interested in attending a conference? The BSA can reimburse you up to $500 dollars to attend!

When I’m not BSA-ing, I consider myself to be a pretty run-of-the-mill student. I am an Accounting major with a Political Science minor who still hasn’t learned to start writing papers early.  I enjoy being outside, being social, and reminiscing on the days when I used to have a pet goat (no, seriously).

If you ever want to learn more about myself, the BSA, or all of the opportunities that the ASoB has to offer, I would love to get to speak with you! Feel free to reach out!

Brendan Cornish

Brendan Cornish

Internal Relations Director

Hi everyone! As the BSA’s Internal Relations Director I work closely with all of the many clubs we have here in the Alberta School of Business. I organize the Business Clubs Council’s monthly meetings in addition to providing promotional material to the Cohort Reps from the various clubs. Outside of school, I enjoy playing soccer during the summer and snowboarding in the mountains during the winter. When not working or in class, I can usually be found hanging out in Biz lounge or getting coffee at Cookies by George.

Emilie Richards

Emilie Richards

Operations Director

Hi! I am Emilie and I am super excited to be joining the BSA again this year as Operations Director (previously Cohort Representative). I am working in the Presidential Portfolio as the main point of contact for the BSA and assist in the internal functions of the BSA. I am an avid Bus Lounge frequenter and coffee drinker. When I am not BSA-ing or Bus Loung-ing I can be found studying Finance, working on my duties in PRIME as a Financials and Real Estate analyst, in the lab as a TA with MGTSC 312, or at Dewey’s with friends. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or would like to have a friend to have coffee/go to Dewey’s with!

Kyle Wong

Kyle Wong

Student Activity Fund Director

Hey guys! My name’s Kyle and I’m the Student Activity Fund Director for the 2018-2019 year. If you’re trying to save some cash on business conferences, I’m the one you hit up! If you ever spot me in the business building, I’m usually wearing sweats and stress studying. Outside of business, I’m usually grabbing good eats, traveling, and Netflix binging!